SECRET PROJECT Announcement:

- The Elite Players are coming this summer!

Book 1, The Pawn in Play will have its first part featured in

Crimes of the Wicked: A Criminal Mayhem Collective

that is set to release August 17th!

See the COVER and first blurb for Pawn here!

Preorder Crimes of the Wicked at ANY of your favorite stores! 

Universal Link!

Just a little bit about the Elite Players universe,

- Mafia Elite Bad Boys! 

-Contemporary M/F

- 4 Interconnected Standalones

-All the fun dark sexiness with just the perfect amount of murder! 

Kindle Unlimited



HELLRAISERS of the Underground Book 1

You either hide from the Monsters or you become Them.

Once upon a time, there lived a pure girl,
who abided behind her safe sheltered walls.
But catastrophe descend on those unaware.

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who fled,
fled from her school,
fled from her home,
fled from the only life she had ever known...




The Captured Illusions Book 1


Am I ready to shatter this perfect façade?


My life was easy. my life was normal.

My life had a very strict plan I had all intentions of following. 

That was before the erotic art photographer, Nolan Cater James walked into my gallery. 


Well not my gallery.

 I mean I work here so technically it’s mine, just not mine mine…. 

See! He has completely messed up my head, 

Screwed up my plan, 

flipped my world upside down… 


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