Warnings for The Seven Seals

*This is a DARK URBAN FANTASY Menage Series with Explicit Sexual Themes, Graphic Violence, and Vulgar Language.

However, there are NO TRIGGER WARNINGS and NOTHING Sexual transpires outside of COMPLETE CONSENT*

**This book is 18+.**

Revelations are upon us and Redemption is for the Wicked.


Legends are written by those who come out on top. 

And the storytellers tend to write themselves as the Heroes.

So, you can’t believe the lore told by the gods.


You see contrary to what you’ve been told

not all demons are “evil” 

and not all angels are the “good guys.”

The truth is those labels mean nothing more than a race.

That being said though, I might still fit some of my demonic stereotypes.  


Redemption is for the Wicked.

My story is dark.

My tastes are demoralizing.

My lovers are sinful. 

And my life is not for the easily offended. 


Revelations are upon us.

I may be known as the Antichrist, 

but sweetie that’s is just a name.

I have had hundreds of them.

Let me tempt you to hear my story. 

It is not one you have heard before.

So, come play my game and let’s see who wins. 


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