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© 2020 N.K. Stackhouse

The Reign of Eight

Warnings for The Reign of Eight

*This is a DARK Reverse Harem Series with Explicit Sexual Themes, Graphic Violence, and Vulgar Language. However, there are NO TRIGGER WARNINGS and NOTHING Sexual transpires outside of COMPLETE CONSENT*book is 18+.*

How is one new queen supposed to reign supreme over seven deadly kings? 

I was named after the day I was born on, the day the human realm Tehden was set anew. 
Exactly one thousand years ago. 
My name is Armageddon Onosentri, Armai for short, and I am about to be crowned Queen of Aysila. 
One of the seven realms that parallel Tehden.

I was never supposed to take the crown.  
I should never have this opportunity.
I am the bastard child of the second daughter in the ruling family.
Someone that should not have a single claim to the throne. 

The second I take my seat on the throne, I become the sole female ruler within the eight realms. 
something that hasn’t occurred in more than ten thousand years. 
And when one of my first acts of Queen involves concluding the fate of another living being 
I quickly realize hesitation has no place in my heart. 

Alliances must be made before enemies gain traction. 
It’s not like the other seven rulers aren’t all drop dead gorgeous, arrogant assholes
that seem determined to destroy the delicate balance that needs to be maintained.
It’s not like these little boys seem to be playing a game I have yet to even learns the rules to.

Good and evil has never simply black and white, 
and I must figure out where I stand before I get myself and everyone around me killed. 
Where’s the rule book for this Queen thing?