Warnings for Captured Illusions: 

Some things you should know before reading. While this series will have a theme that is darker taboo with an overall sizzling contemporary romance feel, this is NOT a BDSM Dom/Sub relationship story. Lia and Nolan's journey revolves around the sexual experimentations that allows you to discover things about yourself that you have been to scared to even imagine. To find out who you might be under the Facade of what is considered "normal." 

So be warned this is a highly addicting and fasted paced story. There are a lot characters that will leave you wondering about.


*Please note that due to the language and sexual themes presented in this story we advice this book is 18+.*

Am I ready to shatter this perfect façade?


My life was easy. my life was normal.

My life had a very strict plan I had all intentions of following. 

That was before the erotic art photographer, Nolan Cater James walked into my gallery. 


Well, not my gallery.

 I mean I work here so technically it’s mine, just not mine…. 

See! He has completely messed up my head, 

Screwed up my plan, 

flipped my world upside down… 

but I haven’t decided if I hate it…


He just might be the stark opposite of me. 

Where I kept my life very vanilla, he was…totally off the menu. 


He wants to show me his world but the idea of stepping off my path, my safe path,

into the unknown has me terrified. 


I don’t know if I am ready to meet the women I will become after taking that leap.


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