Reapers are Coming!

How to Ruin my Mafia Reaper is coming this June!

We have an insane line up in this Mobsters and Monsters Shared World and you won't want to miss out on any of it!


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Sometimes second chances only end with Death


When I was sixteen I watched my only parent die, 

all due to a mistake I made when I thought I knew best. 

For two years I have fought my way through every f*cked up situation Life has thrown my way. 

It was Fate’s way of making sure I never forgot the deal I struck the day I escaped Death. 

Now it’s time to pay up but I’m not sure I can afford the cost. 

So, I do what I do best.

 I cheat my way to a loophole. 

The only problem, this loophole leads me right back to the boy I met at sixteen. 


It’s Reaper code to stay in the shadows. 

To do your job. 

To never ask questions. 

And of course, to never get close to humans. 

Especially a human that is nothing more than an abomination that should never have lived. 

It was a simple task- find the girl, reap her soul. 

Instead I let her live and reaped another. 

For two years I’ve watched her. 

For two years I’ve watched her break. 

Every bad thing that has happened to her is all because I couldn’t claim her as my first mark. 

Now she’s stepped into her final days and I finally have my second chance to fix this wrong.

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