Warnings for HELLRAISERS of Chicago’s Underground
**STAINED is the 1st book in the new Why Choose bully suspense romance series, Hellraisers Pact. The story contains fight club scenes, consented sexual content, and dark twisted themes.**

You either hide from the Monsters or you become Them.


Once upon a time there lived a pure girl,
who abided behind her safe sheltered walls.
But catastrophe descend on those unaware.


Once upon a time there lived a girl who fled,
fled from her school,
fled from her home,
fled from the only life she had ever known.


But for while this broken Little Bird was left all alone,
she stumbled upon a pack of sick vicious wolves,
who played with Death and had destruction in their gaze.


But Instead of devouring her whole the second she fell
the wolves decided rather to corrupt the last remaining sheds
of her stained and tattered soul.


But why did this girl try to run from her scars?
Now isn’t that the question we all want to find.


See the problem with running, is,
that the only way to find freedom
is the take on the Darkness, and Win.


When you dance with the Monsters you either play for keeps or lose your soul


I played a game of chance, and the price was my future. 

I thought I knew the game.

I thought I had learned the rules. 

But the game was rigged, and the rules never mattered. 


And what did any of this get me? 

I played and I lost. 

Now it’s time to pay up with my life. 


The price is a choice,

Ignorance or knowledge;

Run for safety or embrace the savages 


Sometimes it would be easier to just live within storybooks. 

At least there you might see the twists coming.


And something tells me this is just the beginning…


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