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© 2020 N.K. Stackhouse

Genetically Altered Super Humans

Warnings for GASH

*This is a DARK Reverse Harem Series with Explicit Sexual Themes; Graphic Violence and Gore; and Vulgar Language.

*This book is 18+.*

My name is Syrena James

And I am an agent of G.A.S.H. ...


The Global Agency of Genetically Altered Super Humans

is tasked with discreetly handling the ‘delicate’ situation worldwide. 

or what I have come to call ‘save the world from mass panic’ situations

simply put l monsters are real, and they are more than just a lore, a nightmare, or a horror theme.

They aren’t supernatural, they aren’t paranormal. They are an experiment gone terribly wrong and now we have to clean up the mess. 


I have been training most of my life 

at the GASH training headquarters campus set in the Colorado Rockies


Now the only problem is our “teachers” want us distracted, they want us to fail.

Because only the best can stay focused amongst distractions, right? 

This means close quarters for everyone. 

And even though I've trained along side 

this group since I was fourteen emotions are running high 

with the PT deciding partner at the end of the year 


A lot can and will change this year, 

We are going to be trained harder than ever before; 

tested beyond our wildest measure;

 tempted worse than our most delicious dreams; 

pushed to the limits in both body and mind; 

and we will have to fight for our place, literally.