*The Pawn in Play is the first book in the new standalone series, The Elite Players. Read part one in Crimes of the Wicked:

A Limited Edition Criminal Mayhem Collective releasing August 17th.*



The Players are plotting Destruction 

And I just became their final Pawn


Ripley Quinn

I used to think in simplicity, 

that hard work actually paid off and

 I could save myself with determination alone.

That was until I stumbled into Paxton fucking King.

The Elite Players are a name feared by those 

that dwell within the darkest parts of this world, 

and he is their leader.


Now they are plotting against the hand that feeds them 

and I have been dragged into their ruse whether I like it or not. 

Paxton has me by the strings and knows exactly what strand 

to pluck to get me to play along until the very bitter end. 


Paxton King

That little green-eyed snake thinks she the innocent in this story

But don’t be fooled by her trembling lips or pitiful pleas

Spencer Wren might be able to pretend for a while

 but she is just like the rest of us, driven by a need to survive; a hunger for control

and I am determined to prove to her that she is willing to kill to get what she wants


Money is the ultimate Power Play 

and right now, I hold the reins over her past...and her future.

What she doesn’t know is this game won’t end until the final gunshot rings.

And I intend for her to be the one pulling the trigger.  

*blurb might/probably will change slightly*



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