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© 2020 N.K. Stackhouse
Warnings for The Manipulator Series
*Slow burn Reverse Harem*

Controlling the Elements

The Manipulator Series

Book 1


" My name is Dillon Danvers and I have no control over my life. "
Dillon Danvers, a once confident and successful twenty-five-year old woman, finds herself picking up the pieces of her shattered life after the tragic death of her twin brother and his wife.


As if it wasn’t hard enough to adapt to life without her twin, she is also trying to navigate the world of ‘single parenting’ as the legal guardian of her six-year-old nephew, Lyon. As life starts settling into a routine she can be confident in, her world flips on its axis once more.
Natural disasters seem to be popping up all over the world at an alarming rate. In the midst of the chaos Dillon finds herself able to do things she never thought fathomable. Weird things start to happen in extreme situations of stress.


But what starts to happen to her can't be possible, can it? Why can she suddenly do things that are as crazy as you would find in special effects on movies? It's enough to make her believe she is truly losing her mind.

When Tucker, Everett, Flint, Zephyr, and Connor enter her life they try to solve the reason why she seems be suddenly integrated into their world, one that has never had a female who has the same talents as them. They call her a Manipulator.

After everything that's happened to knock Dillon down, will she be able to accept the truth of what she is? Or will she find herself losing not only the last of her family, but her heart as well as she filters through the lies that her loved ones left behind?